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Must be called Merlin to make it fly….. This may be my last of this series from my trip to The Helicopter Museum. At least for a while anyway. I do have a few more to go through and may be worthy of publishing but…



Count the rivets….. Continuing my series on some of the helicopters on display at The Helicopter Museum in Weston Super Mare, this is a Westland WS-55 Whirlwind Series 3, G-AODA. It was built in 1955 for the Shell Petroleum Company. Initially they operated from Qatar, in the Persian…





Pre-Lynx Prototype This particular helicopter is not in the best condition nowadays. It is a pre-Lynx prototype (Westland WG-13) which was developed to replace the Westland Scout and Wasp. It took it’s first flight on 21st March 1971 and there were a total of thirteen…


RAF Rescue

Rescue me….. As predicted, here is another aviation based blog post, from my recent trip to The Helicopter Museum at Weston Super Mare. This picture features a restored Westland Whirlwind HAR Mk.10, XD163. Built in Yeovil in the UK in 1954 to provide 8-seat transport for…

RAF Rescue.

The Flight Deck

Go, Flight…… It seems an age since I got out and about with my camera! Having forced myself to concentrate on my recent training course and then suffering a vicious virus recently, my kit has been taking a rest these last few weeks. So today…

The Flight Deck.

Red Sky

Regular viewers will be aware that I have taken an enforced break from my photography whilst I have been concentrating on a teaching/instructing course at my place of work. The past seven weeks have been tough but I am pleased to say I passed the…

I’m Back……with Some Red Sky.




Well, that flew by! So, 2014 is nearly over! Where has that gone? They do say though that as you get older time passes that much quicker and it seems to be true! I’ve enjoyed my photographic exploits this year. I have been to a…

2014: My Blog Review

Stourhead Estate

Just one more? This might be my last image from my visit to the National Trust Estate at Stourhead in Wiltshire. I took plenty of shots but as many photographers will know many are much like many others. The beauty of today’s digital age is…

Stourhead Estate.

Stourhead Cottages

Quintessential England….. That’s what this picture is. The country cottage. Image Information: Date Taken:    3rd November 2014 Camera:         Canon 5D MKIII Exposure:       1/13th to 1/200th sec Aperture:         f/8 ISO:                100 Focal Length:  23mm PORTFOLIO LINK These are right on the entrance to Stourhead Gardens and…

Stourhead Cottages.

Sky Light

Beam me up….. This picture is from a little hike we took from the Brecon Beacons Visitor Centre a few weeks back. When I captured these brackets I knew the sky would have some interesting detail in it to be pulled out but it wasn’t…

Sky Light.