My take….for what it's worth

Well, that flew by! So, 2014 is nearly over! Where has that gone? They do say though that as you get older time passes that much quicker and it seems to be true! I’ve enjoyed my photographic exploits this year. I have been to a…

2014: My Blog Review

Stourhead Estate

Just one more? This might be my last image from my visit to the National Trust Estate at Stourhead in Wiltshire. I took plenty of shots but as many photographers will know many are much like many others. The beauty of today’s digital age is…

Stourhead Estate.

Stourhead Cottages

Quintessential England….. That’s what this picture is. The country cottage. Image Information: Date Taken:    3rd November 2014 Camera:         Canon 5D MKIII Exposure:       1/13th to 1/200th sec Aperture:         f/8 ISO:                100 Focal Length:  23mm PORTFOLIO LINK These are right on the entrance to Stourhead Gardens and…

Stourhead Cottages.

Sky Light

Beam me up….. This picture is from a little hike we took from the Brecon Beacons Visitor Centre a few weeks back. When I captured these brackets I knew the sky would have some interesting detail in it to be pulled out but it wasn’t…

Sky Light.

Castle #1

It’s there in black and white….. This blog post features an image in black and white, something I don’t do very often. This was taken at Raglan Castle in Wales. We stopped off there on our return from the Brecon Beacons a few weeks ago.…

Castle #1.

Stourhead #1

Ballheads at Stourhead….. There are some places that just seem synonymous with photography. Stourhead is one of those places. The 1,072 hectare estate is at the source of the River Stour near Mere, Wiltshire, England. The estate includes a Palladian mansion, the village of Stourton,…

Stourhead #1.



Dry Wall

No sun to see here….. Another from my Brecon series here but no sunset or sunrise! This image was captured as we part-walked up Sugar Loaf mountain. I thought the detail in this old dry wall might make a viewable picture. Image Information: Date Taken:   …

Dry Wall.

Leaning Tree

it’s getting monotonously sunny….. These sunrises and sunsets over my last few posts have gone down really well on 500px where I enjoy posting my pictures and getting almost instant feedback, in the form of people ‘liking’ or ‘favouriting’. And a few comments of course.…

Leaning Tree.



Dawn Mist

 I Mist again….. Some of you will have noticed that the sun has featured in a few of my recent pictures, be it in a sunrise or sunset. Well here is another one! I make no apologies for this as I captured quite a few…

Dawn Mist.



Evening Bloom

Bloomin hell….. This is another from my recent Brecon Beacons series. This was captured as the sun set on our first evening. I set up the tripod low down for to capture the full effect of the flowers. The initial processing was done in Photomatix…

Evening Bloom.